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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
3:51 pm
Futurist Misanthropy
"The Futurist Misanthropy movement made waves in 2003 when two of its agents were arrested on charges of plotting to nerve gas certain shopping malls in London, United Kingdom. The arrest was made on the basis of testimony by an informer, but public interest remains in this movement of violent but seemingly fair-minded people. The Futurist Misanthrope FAQ is culled from FM manifestoes, sources, and an interview with FM spokesperson Steve Christ.

Q: What is futurist misanthropy?

Futurist misanthropy is the notion that modern humans are delusional and therefore worthy of misanthropy, but that we can apply that dislike of humanity toward something positive: making the next stage in human evolution. Unlike the "progress" that both governments and dissident groups endorse, this involves making better quality humans and has nothing to do with the education, propaganda and financial rewards governments these days favor.

Our diagnosis is that misanthropy is running at an all-time high because the quality of humans is low and our society is delusional, which would make anyone sensible hate it. We're inundated with people low in actual intelligence but "smart" in doing very specialized tasks, and they are incapable of making the type of decisions we need. From their instinct to protect each other we have gotten layers of moral manacles like humanism, materialism, philanthropy, altruism, egalitarianism, and tolerance.

We don't need any of these things. What we need are the few good quality people to be in charge and the rest to be either oppressed or eradicated. The essence of futurist misanthropy is a slaying of sacred cows, a putting to rest of pleasant illusions, and a disruption of taboos so that the kind of common sense a high-quality person would have predominates. We're tired of being ruled by morons, sheep and parrots."


Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
10:33 pm
Radio Schizo 51: Lustmord w/ The Melvins, WB2D, Siekiera, Confuse, more

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Neurosis, World Burns to Death, Formaldehyde Junkies, Confuse, Lustmord, Complications, Poison Idea, and more!

Radio Schizo Week of May 27, 2007 playlist (38 mbs | 66 mins.)

1. NEUROSIS - Cold Ascending/Lexicon (1993)
2. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Logikgenozid/All the Young Turks (2007)
3. KILLING JOKE - Wardance (live)/ The Wait ('79 demo)
4. SIEKIERA - Nowa Aleksandra (ca. 1986)

5. LUSTMORD w/ THE MELVINS - Item (2007)
6. ORGANIZED RESISTANCE - What Will You Do? (2006)
7. AWESOME BIN LADEN - Cum Dumpster Diving (2007)
8. CONFUSE - Atrocious Madness
9. ARDITI - Religion of the Blood
10. POISON IDEA - The Badge (1990) / Kill the Messenger (2006)

11. THE COMPLICATIONS - Last Journey (2005)
12. HAUNTED GEORGE - Bone-Cat (2007)

RADIO SCHIZO: http://www.myspace.com/radio_schizo

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Radio Schizo is a weekly streaming online radio show from Dallas & Austin Texas since Sept. 2005.

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Radio Schizo's Odeo Channel
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
9:15 pm
Radio Schizo 40: Gloomy punk/hardcore/post-punk for gloomy times

Amebix, The Mob, Acrasy, Caustic Christ, Skitsystem, Dachau, Part 1, Lost Sounds, Rudimentary Peni, 45 Grave, Krigshot, Avskum, Killing Joke, more.

Radio Schizo Week of November 26, 2006 playlist (54 mins. | 32 mb)

1. RUDIMENTARY PENI - In Crematorium Flame
2. RUDIMENTARY PENI - The Enlightened Dreamer
3. AMEBIX - Winter
4. KILLING JOKE - Unspeakable
5. AMEBIX - Control

6. ACRASY - Pain
7. PART 1 - Black Mass
8. DACHAU - Huomenna Haudassa
9. THE MOB - Gates of Hell
10. COMA - In a Coma
11. HOLY DOLLS - Beast of the Apocalypse

12. LOST SOUNDS - Satan Bought Me
13. 45 GRAVE - The Plan
14. POST-REGIMENT - The Getto
15. CAUSTIC CHRIST - Postcard from Hell

16. AVSKUM - Ingen manniska ar illegal
17. KRIGSHOT - Dags Att Betala!
18. SKITSYSTEM - Min borg av hud

RADIO SCHIZO: http://www,myspace.com/radio_schizo

***Streaming and d/l: http://www.myspace.com/radio_schizo

***iTunes subscription URL (iTunes/Advanced/Subscribe to podcast): http://feeds.feedburner.com/radioschizo

Radio Schizo is a weekly streaming online radio show from Dallas, TX, since Sept. 2005.

Radio Schizo's Odeo Channel
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
6:56 pm
RADIO SCHIZO - tonight, Dec. 1, 9 - 11 PM CST -- "Dark Post-Punk"
"When an atheist casts a cool eye on the world, he must always find Satan a more likely hypothesis as ruling principle than a Saviour."
--Angela Carter, The Sadeian Woman

Maybe it's because of the approaching December chill, maybe it's because I've been depressed as fuck lately-- but this Thursday's RADIO SCHIZO is themed around what I'll call "dark post-punk" from about 1978-1985.* (This is a Dallas, TX-based show, FYI.)

That means moody, GUITAR-DRIVEN, post punk rock. NO drum machines. No synths (well, unless they're employed in a really cool way, like The Screamers and Nervous Gender). No Death in June, no Sisters of Mercy. No wanky neo-goth. No campy, kitschy horror stuff. Just gloomy, moody, ponderous post-punk.

You can send requests.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005
8:44 pm
the time of salome'
here is a short story i wrote
jsut very quickly tonight.
it owes a lot to "blanchot"

the time of salome'

I exited the train station wearing my big coat and a blank notebook
it was quit cold. i came to see the dali museum. it was a very diffrent kind of place and all my assumptions were right.
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
11:19 pm
do you think rape survivors are strong? i do. when a girl my age told me she was raped by her father, and given alcohol and smokes and stuff by him and made to keep it secret, everything i felt was so incredible, this great power of emotion and understanding - the fact she drunk all the time, took drugs, did all the rest of this shit didnt really seem to matter - anyhow i know this is weak on my behalf, but i want to be a rape survivor as well. i'm a virgin and im really shy and i dont know anyone. i can easily not be shy when im drunk but i want to be raped. i want to say i've been through that, and the trauma of keeping it secret and i want it to be MY STORY - MY LIFE - my truth. i became a bit obsessed with her, how dark she was, and i want to experience it - i know people must think "you would think differently if it happened..." but i cant stop fantasizing about it, i walk late at night, im trying to find people who would rape a seventeen yr old shy girl and yeah... those are my... supposedly "dark" thoughts.
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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
8:20 am
And I'll see you at the bitter end
Sometime between
Sunrise and
sunset and somewhere during that

day I will see you
and hold you close
away from me
until rigidity turns to supple
and finally

you are released to the world
while I am realised to my
very own

-The Red Baron
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
3:18 pm
La Courbe de tes Yeux fait le Tour de mon Coeur.
In the distant depths of some desolate land
Something is dying.
Its heart-chest rises and falls eratically to some
unsung song that exists only in its
decaying maggot-infested mind.
Somewhere in the distant depths of some desolate land
Something is dying
And I want to watch it happen
I want to watch the fall and the rise and make love to the rhythm of its gasps.
I want to savour the final death rattle deep within its chest and listen to it
scream and feel within it the
anguish and the
terror and the
disinterest of the
"Much to many" of the
people who once rose to Revolution but now rise to nothing but the
perverted intention of hackers and
children in raising the
ratings of video games.
I want to make love to the rhythm of its death gasps
and hear within its vibrating
death rattle the
worry of disillusionment that has made itself
increasingly known in the years that pass and the
glazed over eyes of the
'Reality' watchers and their fashion designs and the worry of
not wearing the brands instead of the
people not eating and
people not sleeping and
people who can no longer stand the
exploitation of the workers a million miles away sweating to the
sweet taste of your
nicotine latte
People worrying of personal experience and the
You need to worry.
You're selling yourself, not just your vision.
You need to worry.
You need to sell yourself.

And the
Whatever happened to personal identity?
and the
Whatever happened our nation?
And the final Wagneristic power-chord resounding in a shattering climax of
Kafka-esque surrealism
Something in some distant desolate Somewhere is dying. And I want to make love to the rhythm of its gasp and hold it sotightsoclosewithinme that you can no longer tell where one begins and where the other begins.
Something in some distant desolate Somwhere is dying and it is our country, and it is our "Much To Many" that no longer cry out in the resonant voices of Voltaire and Lenin, Marx and Nietzche, Che and Hugo. Something in some distant desolate Somewhere is dying and it is our knowledge that we apply soundly to knowing which celebrity is married to which and the inner-most workings of their sex lives, even as we condemn our own to be taboo.
Something in some distant desolate Somewhere is dying and it is the remains of our much too torn country.
Something in some distant desolate Somewhere is dying as I make love to its gasps.

--The Red Baron
Friday, February 4th, 2005
4:35 pm
February 2, 2005

Thus I Refute Chyng Sun
Feminists for Porn


It was with a growing sense of outrage that I read Prof. Chyng Sun's report of her visit this past January to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. I couldn't help wondering it the author had done any prior research whatsoever into the active, twenty-year debate among women over the impact of pornography on their individual lives and their status as a gender. There's nothing new in her indignation, nothing fresh in her insights and nothing unfamiliar in her arguments. As a sex-worker and sex-worker advocate for over two decades, I've heard and read it all before.

I am an R.N., a third-generation feminist and a First-Amendment activist as well as a porn performer with the longest continuous career in the history of the industry. I'm easy to find. In fact, I was in one place for four hours each day on the floor at AEE. She certainly found my husband, writer-director I.S. Levine, (whose videos and magazines appear under the name Ernest Greene). At her request, he granted her a two-hour, on-camera interview in good faith, hoping but not expecting to receive an open-minded hearing. Why did Professor Sun not speak to me? Could it be because she knew that my very existence argues against her core assertions? Where was the honest, fearless intellectual curiousity that is hallmark of the pioneering academic researcher?


More at: http://www.counterpunch.org/hartley02022005.html
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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
10:14 pm
Join My Cult!
If you find this interesting, or already have a copy in hand... please post this to your livejournal, myspace, etc... and pass it on, as I have since I picked it up off a myspace post from the author. I ordered this from the publishers site a couple weeks ago, and after getting over the initial hump, it started to blow my mind and has continued to do so. It's not a normal book, it gets inside your head. For those of you looking for something that might slip under the radar.... check this one out.

“Join My Cult!” Released By New Falcon Press: 10-23-04

In an age of Corporate-defined culture when even rebellion is pre-packaged, what happens when a group of young suburban adults who
refuse to join any established genre band together?

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
3:34 am
The Olympia Reader
At Half-Price Books today I scored quite a find: The Olympia Reader, a huge compilation of excerpts from works publisjed by France's Olympia Press. This includes works by William S. Burroughs, Pauline Reage [Story of O], Jean Genet, Henry Miller [Nexus/Sexus/Plexus], Anais Nin, and even the Marquis de Sade.

3:23 am


Session Organizers: Jamie Paquin & Katherine
Osterlund (York University) A session of the 2005
Canadian Anthropology and Sociology Association
(CSAA) Annual Meetings, London, Ontario, Canada;
May 31st - June 3rd 2005 You are invited to
submit an abstract of a paper for oral
presentation of approximately 20 minutes in

Initial abstract and letter of intent due Dec
31st, but NO LATER THAN JANUARY 10TH, 2005.

Note: If you require presentation software (e.g.
powerpoint) you must indicate this with your

Complete paper due APRIL 29TH, 2005.

For inquiries and/or to submit abstracts please email: kathyo@yorku.ca
Conference information and list of sessions:

'Pervert Studies': Considerations of the social
life of sex, pleasure and the erotic

Feminist, gay and lesbian, transgender and queer
studies have done much to contest and reveal many
forms of sexual persecution, subjectification,
discrimination and misconception. The task today
includes extending this critical engagement with
sexual epistemologies, discourses and norms which
preclude or degrade the otherwise meaningful and
pleasurable practices of what Rubin calls 'erotic
deviants' (1986). Highly refined, even reified
systems of categories may now obscure the range
of practices, processes, and realities that are
the object of an expanded sociology of the
erotic. The time has come to speak of the erotic
in all its dispositional variations and forms, to
bring thought and creative analysis to bear upon
those domains of erotic desire and/or conduct
still in the shadows. To consider the seen and
unseen of current sexual epistemologies and
assess their effects.

The pervert may be defined as 'one who has
forsaken a doctrine or system regarded as true
for one esteemed false' (Oxford English
Dictionary). We propose the field of 'pervert
studies' as an impetus to be fully engaged in
questioning this logic of truth and falsehood
regarding erotic practice, fantasy and desire, in
order to create a space for ideas and open
discussion of erotic conduct, commitments and
personas that are held meaningful by participants
and practitioners.

Pervert Studies invites theoretical or
empirically-based reflection on issues including,
but not limited to:

· The constitution of erotic subjectivity: practices, processes, 'structure'
and 'agency'
· Who are some still stigmatized erotic populations? How are these stigmas
framed and contested?
· What is the practice? The pleasure? The context in which it is cultivated
and experienced?
· Has critical sexuality studies gone far enough its investigation of
eroticism? Has it created new sexual villains even as it redeemed others?
· Perversions on the books: Sexual law/social 'laws'; Minors; Money
· Space and place, pleasure and practice
· Methodological issues in the study of the erotic
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
5:32 am
Call for Papers (Graduate Students)


The fierce debates that erupted in the 1980's over the production, distribution and consumption of pornography look to many today to be terribly dated, sealed off (thankfully?) in another era: we've been there and done that. The slow recession of pornography as that which incites thought and contestation in theoretical circles has occurred, paradoxically, as the aesthetics and logics and narratives and economies of pornography have proliferated all around us. Pornographic visual tropes have migrated fully and almost indistinguishably into the worlds of fashion and advertising. Pornographic logics and narratives have become embedded in, and to a large extent possibly structure almost entirely, the sexual desires and practices of millions. So too do they configure the images of imperial occupation (e.g. Abu Ghraib) and resistance (e.g. beheading videos). Pornographic hyperconsumption has been facilitated by technological revolutions which in turn has created a massive multi-billion dollar globalized pornographic economy to meet the exploding demand. Porn stars have become Pop stars, and Pop stars have become Porn stars. It is a pornographic age; and that which defines our time deserves our continued attention.

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