Pastor of Muppets (syndicalist) wrote in dark__thoughts,
Pastor of Muppets

RADIO SCHIZO - tonight, Dec. 1, 9 - 11 PM CST -- "Dark Post-Punk"

"When an atheist casts a cool eye on the world, he must always find Satan a more likely hypothesis as ruling principle than a Saviour."
--Angela Carter, The Sadeian Woman

Maybe it's because of the approaching December chill, maybe it's because I've been depressed as fuck lately-- but this Thursday's RADIO SCHIZO is themed around what I'll call "dark post-punk" from about 1978-1985.* (This is a Dallas, TX-based show, FYI.)

That means moody, GUITAR-DRIVEN, post punk rock. NO drum machines. No synths (well, unless they're employed in a really cool way, like The Screamers and Nervous Gender). No Death in June, no Sisters of Mercy. No wanky neo-goth. No campy, kitschy horror stuff. Just gloomy, moody, ponderous post-punk.

You can send requests.

...and more

*Well, for the most part.
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