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Futurist Misanthropy

"The Futurist Misanthropy movement made waves in 2003 when two of its agents were arrested on charges of plotting to nerve gas certain shopping malls in London, United Kingdom. The arrest was made on the basis of testimony by an informer, but public interest remains in this movement of violent but seemingly fair-minded people. The Futurist Misanthrope FAQ is culled from FM manifestoes, sources, and an interview with FM spokesperson Steve Christ.

Q: What is futurist misanthropy?

Futurist misanthropy is the notion that modern humans are delusional and therefore worthy of misanthropy, but that we can apply that dislike of humanity toward something positive: making the next stage in human evolution. Unlike the "progress" that both governments and dissident groups endorse, this involves making better quality humans and has nothing to do with the education, propaganda and financial rewards governments these days favor.

Our diagnosis is that misanthropy is running at an all-time high because the quality of humans is low and our society is delusional, which would make anyone sensible hate it. We're inundated with people low in actual intelligence but "smart" in doing very specialized tasks, and they are incapable of making the type of decisions we need. From their instinct to protect each other we have gotten layers of moral manacles like humanism, materialism, philanthropy, altruism, egalitarianism, and tolerance.

We don't need any of these things. What we need are the few good quality people to be in charge and the rest to be either oppressed or eradicated. The essence of futurist misanthropy is a slaying of sacred cows, a putting to rest of pleasant illusions, and a disruption of taboos so that the kind of common sense a high-quality person would have predominates. We're tired of being ruled by morons, sheep and parrots."

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